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Children and Family photography, North Shore Auckland

Hello!! I'm pleased you’ve stuck around this long.  If it’s ok with you I’m just going to pretend it’s only you & I  here, ok?  Because honestly, in a group, I'm so quiet that when I did sign language classes my teacher gave me the sign name  "quiet-C".  Yes, that’s right , a deaf guy thought I was quiet. 
Now it’s just us, I’ll get on with the “about me” part

  • My favourite time of the day is early morning.  Which is hilarious because I can never get out of bed.  I wear a fitness tracker only because it has a silent, vibrating, annoying alarm and I can’t turn it off until I muster a bit of coordination. I have to set it to go off 3 times.  
  • I like making kale chips & green smoothies from our vege garden.  I also like putting hot chips in my burger or wrapping the skin from KFC around the fries and dipping them in the potato & gravy. I figure it’s about balance, and, if I’m eating junk it’s going to be bad.
  •  Small talk does my head in.  I’m stoked to just skip it and get straight to the real conversation.  I love it when someone else is happy to make the jump with me from “Hi” to “sometimes when my 3 year old won’t brush their teeth I think it means they’ll leave school at 15, have 43 cats and live in a tent”. 
  • When I was a kid my most favourite game in the world was "Smash up Doobies".  My little sister and I would grab a pillow each, shut all the doors in the hallway so it was pitch black.  We'd  stand one at each end of the hallway, spin in circles til we were dizzy and then run full speed at each other.  
  • I don’t drink anymore, but I love coffee.  I love too many coffees a day to possibly be healthy.  We went to a massive 3 day music festival and on the third day the coffee seller started calling me by name.  Yeah, nah, that’s quite a lot of coffee. I reckon it keeps my reflexes sharp (no, I don’t buy that either)
  • I’m a trained doula.  I know how important quiet, calm presence can be and that having someone really see you and witness your personal story can be an incredibly uplifting experience.

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