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why hello there 2017

This year I have challenged myself to be part of a few projects.  I figure the commitment will help me shoot regularly.  

The Car Project (p52)

I have been invited to join The Car Project with some fun Australian photographers.  A photo per week of life in our car.  Sounds simple, but I think it will be challenging.  

The Car Project 1/52, 2/52, 3/52

Street 52

A group of photographers from all over the world, who are committed to shooting street each week & learning together using themes & exercises every two weeks.  Wish me luck on this one!

The K Project

January within 1 kilometres of home, February within 2 12 in December.  I think this is going to push me too!  


What else?

A 365, which may or may not be all on film, and more getting in the frame (unspecific, but a goal anyway).  

AND, finally I am one of those people who don't like sharing too much if I consider it personal, one of those people who thinks "what have you been up to?", or "what are you dong this weekend?" is really a pretty personal question & gives you the briefest answer possible.  So, if you see an image missing in a sequence it's probably because I am still attached to it and don't feel like sending it off into the wild quite yet.  But, I will try I promise.

claire humphries