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Halfway - The Car Project Collaboration {Auckland Documentary Family Photography}

At the beginning of this year I began a P52 with a couple of my favourite photographers.  The Car Project 2017 - One photo of Car Life each week.  I started keen, familiar story, and hit a bump after about 3 months.  How on earth was I going to find anything new each week for nine more months?  I had a waah and a tanty and then realised the project isn't called 52 freekin amazing photos, or 52 share worthy amazing photos.  The Car Project is about what we do every week.  I kept clicking and found my way again.  Enjoy - I hope that these will remind you of things you do in your life, things that might not last forever and that you might snap a pic of too!

I was so stoked to be invited to join a blog circle this month.  I have been watching this photographer's AMAZING skies lately, her winter beaches family sessions are beautiful and her work is so inspiring.  Ainsley is a Central Coast Family Photographer and I am so excited to send you off to her. After you've read her blog you can click through to the next and the next all the way back here.  

claire humphries