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Auckland to Mangawhai Photography Retreat

It was so great to have a weekend full of photography with the amazing photographers from NZ & Australia that I have met through Clickin Moms over the past couple of years.  Online friends are one thing, but hanging together for the weekend, exploring the city centre and Mangawhai Heads was amazing.  We were lucky have a fantastic group of photographers from New Zealand and Australia (so that makes it an international retreat, right?) contribute.  Aside from enjoying the company we had two live photo teaching sessions (newborn and a sunset romantic couples session) as well as learning about business, light painting, mirrorless cameras and creative shooting. 

If you are lucky enough to know a group of people who share your passion I would encourage you to gather up your courage and organise a meet up.

Thanks to Belinda Coles Photography,  Olga Levien, Miriam Hancock, Fran Jorgensen Photography , Jodie Faulder and to the other talented photographers who shared their time, knowledge and community.

claire humphries