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Bath bombs // for when you're sensitive to all the fun kids bath products

The kids decided to have a crack at making their own bath bombs this week.  Sensitive skin means that we can't all use  fun kids soap, bubble bath, body wash, bath crayons and unicorn bath glitter slime, or any of the crazy stuff that's out there.   Which is a bit of a bummer when you get given it for a present.  The only range we have ever found which is gentle enough is from Ecostore, (this year they bought out kids bubble bath hallelujah!! with angels singing!!).  

Anyway I am a bit sketchy about any commercial bath bombs and since the kids are loving kitchen science - rockets and volcanoes - trying our own bath bombs seemed like it could be fun.  

Homemade bath bombs easy

I did a bit of a google for the simplest recipe we could find. And I always look for recipes that come from NZ so that I'm not trying to substitute ingredients or translate measures.  We used the recipe on Frugal Kiwi as a start - she seems sensible!

We used herbal tea (strawberry) to scent our bath bombs and the other ingredients were from the kitchen cupboards and Bin Inn.  I would like to be hip enough to say they came from an organic wholefood market.  But they didn't.  

The kids made these outside because I didn't want to clean up inside.  It's pretty much just sweeping up anyway.  The dog tried to help, but after one lick he gave up.

Basic Bath Bomb (with fast and furious bubbles) 

1 cup citric acid
2 cups baking soda
1 tsp essential oil (we didn't use any)
1 teaspoon herbs, glitter (consider edible glitter rather than anything plastic or foil) and/or liquid colour (we used some food colour which is for the bath anyway & 2 herbal tea bags)
1 teaspoon oil
Binder- water, witch hazel or floral water (water for us!)

We mixed in two bowls, so each one had half the mixture in.  Add citric acid and baking soda into a bowl.  We didn't sieve our baking soda so the kids had to make sure it was all crumbled in. Make a well in the citric acid and baking powder and add the inside of your teabag.  Mix it up and drop on any colour or scent. Mix it up with your hands.

Mix in the oil. The next bit is super important.  Either spray over or drip in off the end of your fingers the water.  Just really the tiniest bit.  Mix it in until it's just clumping together when you squeeze it.  See this?  That's slightly too much.  Our pink ones didn't set quite as well as the green ones. So just, just damp really.

Bath bomb recipe

Squish it into your moulds.  This was our first attempt so I fossicked around in the cupboard and used what we had.  Cupcake moulds, bento egg moulds.  The bear and bunny egg moulds worked really well!

Make sure the kids push the mix really firmly into the moulds, fill them up really well.  The ones we really pressed in hard turned out the best.  The shapes held well.

Once the moulds are firmly filled tap the bath bombs out, like you would do with a sandcastle.  Leave them to dry over night and you're good to go.

No, of course they didn't all last til the next day before they were used!

kids bath bombs
rabbit bath bomb

These bath bombs fizzed really vigorously and fast.  The strawberry tea was enough to scent the bath, or the shower.  Next time we might try chamomile, lavender or some epsom salts because they always work so well for relaxation.  Have you tried anything that worked really well in your homemade bath bombs?