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Family Photojournalist Association Acceptance / New Zealand Member (Claire Humphries - Auckland Family Photographer)

FPJA Member Logo Auckland Humphries

This week I received the email I have been waiting (nervously) for -  

Family Photojournalist Association Membership

 I am proud to now be an active member of the Family Photojournalist Association.   Why did I want to be a part of this association? Well, "The Family Photojournalist Association™ exists to accredit and promote the expertise of professional family photographers who deploy still-photography reportage and documentary authenticity to tell the story of the family."  And that's exactly what I do, I hold tight to some rules which are important to me - I don't direct the families I work with, and I don't change the environment we are in.  And what I can create that way are honest and beautiful memories.

Why was I nervous?  Because application involves a portfolio review.  There's some strict guidelines to meet and to uphold

"An FPJA member exhibits exceptional originality, creativity and judgment in family photojournalism;

We believe that photographers who consider their family photography approach to be documentary, photojournalistic and overall candid in nature, should create and present work that strongly favors the many authentic family moments." - FPJA


If you are looking for a family photographer, an unposed, real life kind of deal, then you can use the FPJA Directory to find someone in your area who will treat you professionally and who'll be happy to discuss just what you want from your photography experience.

And let's hope that soon you'll find a few more from little old New Zealand.