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52 Clicks {12 Techniques for Growth} February Minimalism / Negative Space


This year I am taking part in a community project (with 800+ other photographers from around the world)


12-months • 12-techniques • 1-photo a week • 52-opportunities for growth • for the everyday photographer • a new year, a new artist

February Minimalism / Negative Space

This month we worked with Minimalism and-or Negative Space.  As a family documentary photographer I usually use negative space to show the size of my kids in the world, a huge space and little kids. 

I have concentrated on this month on simplifying my photos.  I tried to make them more graphic, just shapes.  To be fair I haven't worked as hard this month as I could have (I think it shows!)  but I have been seeing amazing work from the others taking part in this challenge.  After my work you will find a link that will take you on a wander through some beautiful images for this theme.

I promised you a link to some beautful work if you stuck with me.  Click over and visit Suzi, her lifestyle photography always makes me smile