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52 Clicks {12 Techniques for Growth} January Low Light


I'm a learner.  Do you know any of those? Constantly seeking new things to learn, some of it useful, and some of it not so much.  Luckily, constantly learning and pushing my photography is a bug I share with lots of other photographers.  This year I am taking part in a community project (with 800+ other phtographers from around the world)


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January / Low Light

January was all about Low Light.  It's easy to guess our facilitators are in the Northern Hemisphere, there's not a lot of lowlight during January in New Zealand!  My favourite picture this month was taken in the briefest of minutes as the sun set.  Someone (who shall remain nameless) was supposed to be in bed and someone else (with fluffy ears) comes charging at me the second I pick up my camera. The picture of these two was featured in the P52 Blog for that week (wahoo!).

Here are a few of my other lowlight fav's and when you get to the bottom (there's not many!!) you can click through and follow the little trail around to see other P52Clickers lowlight images.

so, since you made it down here you must be a sucker for low light, pop on over to see Perth family & newborn lifestyle photographer, Chanelle Megan's beautiful work for January here (I just discovered her work, it's full of fun and love!)