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The Couch Project {February} | Worldwide Family Photography Project

Together with Fran and Lauren I learnt so much from participating in the Car Project last year.  Photographing in a defined space every week for a whole year forced us to use our creativity and to see that space (and the people in it) in a new way.  This year we opened up

The Couch Project 2018

One photo a month of life on and around your couch.   

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February was another amazing month with contributions from all over the world.  When you pop over to Fran's showcase of the submissions this month keep an eye out for Marjolijn Maljaars submission - she's got an amazing wall of documentary photos (don't let anyone tell you that photos of your everyday don't belong on the wall.  

The Couch Project 2018 - February Collection

Meanwhile, here's my Couch Project 2018 // February

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