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The Couch Project {January} | Worldwide Family Photography Project

Together with Fran and Lauren I learnt so much from participating in the Car Project last year.  Photographing in a defined space every week for a whole year forced us to use our creativity and to see that space (and the people in it) in a new way.

This year we launched The Couch Project 2018

The Couch Project. One photo a month of life on and around your couch.   

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January started off with a bang, as lots of January project do!  It was really fun to see the same-same-but-different from photographers around the world - Australia, New Zealand,  America, Canada and Holland.  We had photos including mums, moms, dads, pups, and grandparents.  During January I did have a favourite (but don't tell anyone!) I loved MIscha Bolton's colourful picture.  You can see all the contributions from our facebook group over on Lauren McAdam's round-up of the January Couch Project.  I am aiming for more than one Couch Project photo a month, let's see how I go.

Couch Project 2018 // January

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