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The Couch Project {March} | Worldwide Family Photography Project


March is my month to host

The Couch Project 2018

One photo a month of life on and around your couch.   

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I think there is nothing quite like seeing a child learning to lose themselves in a book.  As my kids have discovered reading they occasionally give me a book to read after they are done.  Then we can talk about the funny bits, the sad bits and the adventures.  In our city we are lucky enough to have amazing libraries.  If we hear of a book we can open the library app and order it.  At the moment I am reading  Gobbolino, the Witch's Cat so that we can discuss it.  While we are here, some other amazing books that my daughter has asked me to read so we can talk them through were The Red Pencil, The Old Country and Magrit The Old Country and Magrit were beautiful, immersive and strange, the kind of story that sticks around in your mind for a while.  The Red Pencil deals with serious subjects in a gentle and poetic way and made me cry several times.  My daughter was very confused that we both found different meanings within one story.  Layers upon layers I guess.  I even ended up lending them to adult friends.  I'm lucky to have a little lit' critic to help me I think! 

That's all leading up to saying I suggested the subject of reading to help with inspiration (if anyone needed it) for Couch photos for March.

Enjoy the group's work from this month, and underneath you'll find pictures about couches from Fran, Lauren and me.  Enjoy.

The Couch Project 2018 - March Collection


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And from Fran, Lauren and I

This week I have the pleasure of taking part in an Australia & New Zealand blog loop and next up is Kylie Purtell Photos & Film from Sydney.  Her work is amazing, honestly, she's well worth the visit, she makes me want to learn vdeo!