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Bath bombs // for when you're sensitive to all the fun kids bath products

The kids decided to have a crack at making their own bath bombs this week.  Sensitive skin means that we can't all use  fun kids soap, bubble bath, body wash, bath crayons and unicorn bath glitter slime, or any of the crazy stuff that's out there.   Which is a bit of a bummer when you get given it for a present! 

So I am a bit sketchy about any commercial bath bombs and since the kids are loving kitchen science - rockets and volcanoes - trying our own bath bombs seemed like it could be fun.  

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Environmental Self Portrait feature | Auckland Family Documentary Photographer

An Environmental Portrait is usually a portrait of someone which tells the viewer a bit more about them.  Maybe it's in their home or in their workplace, it might include tools of their trade or include items that are significant to them.  

I was in the room with the kids making some photos of their shenanigans when I saw my reflection.  This is right, I thought.  This is me and my current state of being. 

Just as I clicked the shutter my daughter

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Family Photojournalist Association Acceptance / New Zealand Member (Claire Humphries - Auckland Family Photographer)

I am proud to now be an active member of the Family Photojournalist Association.  Why was I nervous?  Because application involves a portfolio review.  There's some strict guidelines to meet and to uphold

"An FPJA member exhibits exceptional originality, creativity and judgment in family photojournalism;

We believe that photographers who consider their family photography approach to be documentary, photojournalistic and overall candid in nature, should create and present work that strongly favors the many authentic family moments." - FPJA

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