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kind words

don't just take my word for it

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful photos.  [...].we were all thrilled with the beautiful record of what was a very enjoyable finale to our babymoon.  {our baby} is nearly 5kg now, so it was actually quite moving to see her as a tiny newborn – it’s amazing how much difference 2 weeks makes and it makes it so special for us that you were able to come round at such short notice.  We loved the way that you captured the amazing magic of just being at home with our wonderful children – we will always be able to see the joy and peace that we were all blessed with the afternoon you were here in those photos, which have become taonga for us all.  Thank you so much."

"oh my goodness i love them all!!!!! I can buy a few extras too right? Because there are a few that are really special. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!"

"Nga Mihi Claire for the beautiful artistic and heartwarming pictures they are all amazing you are so talented. Mauri Ora ehoa xxxooo"

"Claire photographed my last home birth. Photos are really important to me as I have a memory problem and wanted them as a lasting reminder of a truly precious time. To say that Claire was AMAZING would be an understatement! She came in quietly, went about taking photos in such a quiet, calm manner that in no way interfered with that joyous time. In fact, she brought such a gentle, warm energy to our birth space I couldn't imagine it without her being there. The photos she took are a forever reminder of the bliss and love we experienced in {our baby's} birth. The are a constant source of joy that fills me with love and tears every time I look at them. I whole heartedly recommend Claire to anyone and everyone! And thank you again Claire, more than words can say, for being apart of our birth and the precious gift you have given us!"

"Wow Claire. These are great and definitely capture the moment without all the posing.Thank you very much."